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Teens with No Excuses Hold Service for Adults

After a successful debut in organizing a worship service on their own, “Bez izlike Night” was held once again on April 22nd.
Uskršnje bogoslužje

Celebration of Christ’s Resurrection

On Sunday April 17th, a number of members and friends of Church of the Full Gospel gathered for an Easter service to celebrate the greatest event of Christianity- Christ’s resurrection.
Online predavanje F. Dean Hackett

Online Lectures with Dr. Dean Hackett

For all of those interested in learning more, having a deeper understanding, and implementing into their lives the Biblical principles of serving according to their giftings and callings; president of Church of the Full Gospel’s “Spirit Life Biblical Institute”,

Regular Activities

Sunday Service

Sunday is the day when believers gather in God’s house to celebrate His name. We glorify God through music, prayer, and listening to sermons.

Prayer Meetings

In order to grow and develop spiritually, a believer must establish a relationship with his God through conversation, that is, prayer. Prayer is the foundation of personal piety.


At the command of Jesus, who gathered his disciples around Him and taught them, teaching them God's Word, and commanded them to teach others.

Artis for Entrepreneurs

Ethical market transformation can only be brought about by Christian principles in business. As an entrepreneurial group, we encourage each other in prayer and study.


In the spread of the Good News, the Gospel, Jesus called all Christians. On every Christian lies the sacred task of spreading His Kingdom already here on earth in peace and love.

Youth Church: No Excuses

Gatherings specially organized for teenagers and young people where, in addition to togetherness, games and conversations, they can express themselves in the way they want.

Kid's Church

A church for children is vital to a healthy community life. We made this activity interesting and fun so that the children could learn about Jesus Christ through play.

Mercy Ministry

A ministry composed of people whose lives Christ has changed. They are serving in hospitals, nursing homes, abandoned children's homes, and other social institutions.

Few Words From Our Pastor

Welcome to Church of the Full Gospel!

Church of the Full Gospel is a Christian community that emphasizes a personal spiritual experience, conversion, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This means that believers have experienced a touch from God that has changed their lives and have made a decision to follow him and live according to the guidance in his Word, the Bible. If asked, many of them will gladly tell you about the changes they have experienced as a result of their conversion and commitment to Jesus.

The church family comes together every Sunday and on other days during the week, to worship God through music, enjoy fellowshipping and praying together, and experience God’s presence. Church of the Full Gospel emphasizes high quality fellowship among believers, which is evident in the mutual care and support of one another, and in the active proclamation of the principles of God’s kingdom through various church activities throughout our city and country.

We hope that you will feel comfortable amongst us, and that the Word of Christ will encourage you and cause you to ponder on the things of God. It is our prayer and desire that you will accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and actively join us in spreading the Kingdom of God.

Mario Dučić

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