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Evangelization is the spreading of the Good News – the Gospel. Jesus called Christians to make all nations his disciples. Therefore, it is the great task of anyone who calls himself a Christian to spread his kingdom here on earth. The CCE evangelization ministry fulfills this commandment of Christ in two ways.

One is street evangelization when believers take to the streets and squares of their city to bring the Good News to the lost, the afflicted, the sick, and the rejected. In doing so, they seek to show that Jesus is not some distant God who does not care about man and his problems, but is a person, a Savior who died so that everyone could live and tell people about what Christ did in his life. In this way of evangelization it is possible to touch different structures of people and bring directly before them new life and freedom that are found only in Jesus.

In addition to street evangelization, the gospel seeks to approach people in different ways. Therefore, the evangelization ministry organizes concerts of spiritual music, seminars and performances that try to present in a simple and picturesque way some biblical truths close to today’s man. They are organized several times a year in halls throughout Zagreb, but also in open spaces. But evangelization is not just an organized activity, but members of the church “Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja” are encouraged to witness to their risen Lord every day at work, school, family and society, and to encourage people to convert and to communion with him.


To convey the message of the Gospel in Zagreb and Croatia in an understandable and relevant way, in the power of God.


To teach believers about effective evangelization and to train future evangelizers for ministry. Extend the gospel to all segments of society: politics, media, culture.


  • Spread the Good News through street evangelizations and encourage young people to preach in public places.
  • Organize great evangelizations at least once a year.
  • Act politically through lobbying for certain moral and ethical principles in the legislature, authorities and the public.
  • Transmit the gospel through TV and radio shows, newspaper articles, columns and various reactions in the media.
  • Establish good contact with people in public and in other positions to promote the vision in key places in the country.
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