Chick Cartoon Gospel Tracts

Gospel in comics

A Love Story

Who loves you so much He gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus!

Big Daddy?

A student proves evolution is full of holes.

Happy Halloween

It was supposed to be a fun Halloween, visiting a "Haunted House" for a great scare. But when an accident claims a boy's life, his friends learn there is a real hell waiting for all those who die without Jesus.

How To Get Rich

Learn how to gain riches you can take with you when you die.

Reverend Wonderful

When a respected, religious leader dies and stands before God, he learns that his name wasn't in the Book of Life. A soul winning message.


The Holocaust was a Roman Catholic Inquisition against the Jews. No true Christians would kill anyone in the name of Jesus. God commands us to love the Jewish people.

Something In Common

Do you have something in common with those going to heaven...or those going to hell?

Sin City

Jesus CAN free anyone from the sin of Sodom.

Why No Revival

A message to Christians shows why many churches have no revival.


Adapted from the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, but with a twist. Scrooge gets saved!

This Was Your Life!

Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

The Long Trip

Life is a trip that will end up in one of two places...Heaven or Hell.

The Choice

All through life we make choices. But there is one choice that is more important than all the rest.

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