Sunday Service

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Pre-service Prayer Time: Sunday 9:30 AM
First Service: Sunday 10:00 AM (with Ukrainian Translation)
International Service: Sunday 1:00 PM

Once a week, on Sunday mornings, Church of the Full Gospel holds two worship services, one in Croatian at 10:00 AM and an international service in English and Croatian at 1:00 PM. Sunday is, as in most Christian communities, a day when believers gather in the house of God to celebrate his name. Our service consists of three parts: Praising and worshiping the Lord through music, preaching the Word, and prayer.

Believers through song praise the Lord who changed their lives. The very word worship means giving glory to someone, and Christians give all the glory to their Savior, Jesus Christ. Believers through song worship the Lord and show him their love and gratitude.

During the second part of the service, believers listen to a sermon based on the Word of God. Sermons are usually related to a topic that a pastor or other preachers want to bring closer to believers. They are usually focused on spiritual needs and community building and are supported by verses from the Old and New Testaments so that believers can compare the sermon itself to what the Word of God says about that topic. Prayer, as an integral part of our services and is oriented to the needs of believers as well as new visitors who have not yet come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

Prayer counselors who are trained to use prayer and counseling to help people who have problems, are sick, tired, burdened with guilt, discouraged, or in need of prayer for any other reason. Church members believe that prayer is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who believe, and that God can and desires to bring resolution to all of our problems.

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