Mission & Vision

To reach Zagreb and Croatia for Jesus Christ through active discipleship and evangelism, with devotion to the expansion of morals, ethics, and principles for God’s Kingdom


  • To carry the gospel to every place where it is not presented with integrity.
  • To change our community and it’s residents through repentance and personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To present the gospel in a practical means through a variety of talents, personalities and ministries.
  • To establish institutions, associations, and organizations that will promote, through their activities, the principles of God’s Kingdom in the Republic of Croatia.
  • To actively launch and influence politics, the media, and the business world in the Republic of Croatia with above by extending and maintaining Biblical morals and ethical principles.
  • To raise up a new generation of leaders who will effectively serve in churches, fellowships and the business world with fairness and justice.


  • Reaching the lost (evangelism).
  • Instructing the saved so they can become disciples.
  • Sending disciples into the world to make new disciples.


  • To raise up and build a central institution as a base for other local church, services, and other Para-church institutions.
  • To establish local churches and Para-church institutions in the region of Zagreb.
  • To establish local churches and Para-church institutions in Croatia.

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