Mercy Ministry

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Mercy Ministry was founded in early 2005 as one of the supportive ministries of Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja. Mercy ministry personally visits the sick in the hospitals, the elderly and helpless in their homes or retirement centers, the children in orphanages, and assists low-income individuals and the unemployed with food, clothing and other necessities.  Mercy Ministry is made up of people whose faith in Christ has utterly changed their lives, while healing them of various illnesses and vices, such as alcoholism and drugs.  This ministry helps all people who have need a word of comfort, prayer, encouragement or any type of social help.  The program of Mercy Ministry includes individuals and groups who work with people in hospitals, social institutions, and private social homes.


To help and provide the gospel in a practical way to those suffering from infections and incurable diseases, widows and widowers, orphaned children, and the socially endangered


  • To care for the widow/widowers and the socially endangered in local churches fundamental associations in the region of the city of Zagreb and it’s surrounding area.
  • To establish a humanitarian foundation “Mladen Justinić” for the socially endangered residents of the city of Zagreb and it’s surrounding area.
  • To reestablish close collaboration with social services and institutions in the city of Zagreb.

Mercy Ministry will come to where there is human need regardless of whether it is a private dwelling, hospital, retirement home, or any other social institution.  Additionally, Mercy Ministry cooperates with social institutions and other Protestant churches that are willing to give professional or volunteer help. Mercy Ministry is financed by free-will offerings.  If you wish to help by giving a freewill offering please visit our donation page here.

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