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Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!

I cannot believe all that God has done in the mere two and a half years since purchasing our facility. Our church is literally bursting at the seams!

A bit of retrospect:

For 25 years we’ve worked and toiled for the Kingdom of God in Zagreb. So often it seemed as if our work was in vain as people would come to Christ, fall away, leave, move. Our church stayed the same size no matter what we did; no matter how much we evangelized, how wonderful our worship team or children’s church was; no matter what kind of programs we had, we stayed the same size. We questioned ourselves: “Are we in the place God wants us to be?” God had given us no other calling and no green light to leave. “What are we doing wrong?” We had no answer other than: “Remain faithful”.

Two and a half years ago:

During the financial crisis in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic (a time when people were cutting back financially) God performed a mighty miracle for us and we were able to purchase the facility we are currently meeting in. This was a historical moment for our church. A week before our dedication we received a prophecy that our auditorium would be so full that we would go to two services. A week after that God confirmed that prophecy from a completely different source. Although this was exciting news and we truly believe that all things are possible with God, it was hard to believe that something like that would happen in our church.

About six months later, our ministry began helping a large number of Ukrainian refugees, many of which began attending our church. Shortly after that a group of about thirty Filipino immigrants began attending our church and our auditorium became overly full.  

The past six months:

About six months ago God began bringing us new converts from our city, Croatians of all ages. We went to two services on Easter Sunday, but our first services is still full and our second service (an international one in English) is half full. We have gone from a time when we might go for six months to a year without seeing a new face in the congregation to the point that not a Sunday goes by without new visitors. God is so faithful and does everything perfect in His time!

The Next Step Forward:

We are growing so quickly that even though we’ve made enough space in the auditorium, our café/ fellowship area is uncomfortably full and one of our biggest problems is that we only have two bathroom- stalls (one for men and one for women). With all of these people, children and expecting mothers, it is a challenge, but God always has a solution.
The business that shares our floor is moving and selling their space. This would be a great opportunity for us to expand and create a center for children and youth. We would be able to move our children’s church, youth rooms and offices over there and expand our auditorium and café. That extra space also comes with more bathrooms! Our children church and youth groups are growing like crazy and need much more space that we can currently give. We also plan to use a part of that new space to create a small apartment for guests and those in need of a place to live for a limited amount of time. Of course, this next step does not come without investment. Just as God moved the hearts of our supporters before, and helped us buy our building, we are praying He will move on your hearts again and help us expand.

The Cost Breakdown:

Grand total:
$ 556,570.00
Purchase of The Children and Youth Center:
$ 416,570.00
Adaptations to The Children and Youth Center:
$ 70,000.00
Adaptations to Our Current Facility:
$ 70,000.00

the deadline:

NOV. 1, 2024
10% of the purchase price
$ 41,657.00
DEC. 31, 2025
100% of the purchase price
$ 416,570.00


Would you be willing to partner with us financially with a gift of $20, $50, $100 or more toward our building expansion so that we can continue to grow and reach more people in Zagreb for the Gospel?


For more information on our ministry and to give toward this need today, please visit our donations page.

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