For the Entrepreneurs: ARTIS

The church “Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja” has launched a ministry to help and support entrepreneurs and market leaders. Guided by the idea that the transformation of the market can be brought about by Christian principles, we decided to launch monthly studies and a common prayer for the growth and development of Christian entrepreneurs, encouragement in difficult situations and prayer support. We place our affairs in the service of the Kingdom of God and strive to guide them according to the principles of God’s Word.


The aim of the lecture is to teach entrepreneurs how to improve their business, relationships with employees and partners and how to overcome difficulties in the business world in accordance with God’s word.


These free teachings are led by Dajana Šehić. In addition to useful knowledge, this is an opportunity to network and share experiences with other entrepreneurs who are in the same situations. Exercises are organized once a month and every last Monday of the month.


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