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…this small group of believers began meeting in the Croatian Old Catholic Church building in the center of town. Whereas they were very grateful to God for this meeting place, the challenges they faced at the Old Catholic Church ranged from no heating at all and having to move all their sound equipment after each service to very limited child care space. When God provided them with a new facility in 2011, they were overjoyed!

The new church facility, however, was shared by two other churches, which made hosting conferences or any extra events during the week an impossibility. In 2016 when the other two churches decided to move, Church of the Full Gospel was forced to yet again look for a new place.

But God had a very specific plan for this small yet visionary congregation.


In September of 2016, while we were temporarily meeting in a hotel, God directed Mario to the owners of our church’s current location. He gave us such favor with them that in the end we leased the space for half of the going rate with an option to buy within 5 years. The space was one large open room, which meant a lot of work and money would be needed to get the facility ready for use. But God showed His faithfulness time and time again over the next six to eight months as miracle after miracle took place. When our construction workers came to us and explained that above the previously installed drop ceiling was as much height as is below the ceiling, we were again overwhelmed by the amazingness of our God. Not only had He given us sufficient space for the present, but also sufficient space for expansion and growth in the future!


The reality is, our church has never owned its own building, and our lease (with the option to buy) will be up in two years. We have invested so much in this space, and frequent moves are not healthy for any church or ministry. We believe that God has placed us in this neighborhood for a reason (a residential area with young families) and has placed these residents on our heart to bless and minister to them. We are believing that God will provide us with the necessary finances to purchase this building so that our church will finally own its own space. This would be a historic event for our church and great victory! It would not only allow us to have a permanent place of worship for generations to come, but also guarantee us space in which to host various programs that would serve our community.

We have just recently begun hosting leadership classes for small business owners and youth church on Sunday evenings. We are also working on ideas such as:  free child care for a few hours once a month and after school activities for children. Our vision for this facility is not to simply have our own church building for Sunday and Wednesday services; we want to have a place that will be full of events that serve our community and demonstrate the love of Christ every day of the week.


The asking price for the facility is $ 439.000*. We have already collected $324.275*. The bank has also verbally approved us for a loan of $114.725* which currently allows us to finally fulfill our long-awaited dream of owning our own church facility! God is faithful! However, we continue to actively collect funds because whatever we raise will go toward reducing the loan needed to purchase the facility.
This is an excellent opportunity for you to not only invest in the Kingdom of God but to provide a church with a permanent place to share the Gospel with the unsaved and a place to encourage believers. It is an opportunity to invest in changing the atmosphere of a community and changing the very history of a nation! Would you consider being one of those donors today?

*Please be aware of the fact that the sale of our building in Croatia is calculated in euros. These numbers have been converted using the bank’s online converter on July 6th and are subject to daily change depending on the rise and fall of the euro.

Please consider making whatever contribution you can toward this project and please continue to pray that God would keep our hearts ever faithful to His work in our city. Thank you!

Mario Dučić, pastor CCE


For more information on our ministry and to give toward this need today, please visit our donations page.

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