For the past six years we have been translating one of Pastor Mario's messages monthly and sending them to you. We sincerely hope that these messages have been a blessing to you. We are finding, however, that we lack the time needed to translate and edit these messages because that time is very much needed in other areas of ministry. We see this as a positive step, because when ministry needs grow it means that we are doing exactly what God has called us to do - we are meeting needs of people and seeing Christ's kingdom advance here in Zagreb and Croatia.

"God's Favor In A World of Compromise"

There comes a time in our lives when we find we are no longer surrounded by parents, school, and the freedoms we knew when we were young. We are forced to take on the responsibility of standing on our own two feet as we encounter parenthood forcing us to provide our ourselves and our family. This level of responsibility can bring with it a measure of fear, and we may even wonder how we can cope under this level of pressure. (more)

"Philanthropy In the Words"

Philanthropy comes from the Greek word filianthropos, which gives points to humanitarianism and charity; a philanthropist is a person who loves people and takes care of them. The first philanthropists were actually Christians, and mainly from protestant roots. In Croatia, unfortunately, there are few philanthropists because we are not familiar with the idea of philanthropy. Christian philanthropy is not a popular topic and has often been misunderstood. (more)

"Faith That Moves Mountains"

If our faith is small and seems weak, but is sincere and real because have place our daily trust in God and in faith alone, it will grow with time as a mustard seed, and will become the kind of growing faith that can endure the most difficult of circumstances, while removing the problems we face. (more)

"But I Have Something Against You"

Now it is time to turn to the eternal Word of God because otherwise she will be rendered ineffective for Him, and Jesus Christ will no longer dwell in her. (more)

"The Victory of Perseverance"

Christianity is not an instant-coffee religion, but a living faith in Jesus Christ that believes all things and hopes all things. (more)

"A Fight With God"

Solitude with God is the most important part our Christian walk, which is, unfortunately in this modern age of Christianity, emphasized too little. (more)

"The Gifts, the Giver, and the Body"

In Christ's body there is diversity of gifts although there is the same Spirit, which means that individuals can have gifts that others do not have.r. (more)

"Eternal Life"

Because Jesus loved us and gave His life for our redemption through the shedding of His blood, we have been given the ability to know Him and our Heavenly Father. (more)

"The Trap of a Corrupt Generation"

The attitude of our heart before God must always be of primary concern. This is the only way we can have a correct posture of obedience and properly keep religious form of worship, while at the same time having compassion for those around us as Jesus did. (more)

"The Power of Healthy Relationships"

To expect a church with only strong Christians without any kind of problem is a utopia.  This may be the desire of all pastors and spiritual workers, but the truth is that in every church there will always be, without exception, weak and strong believers together. (more)

"Perfect Faith"

No matter how you view it, perfect faith is not just agreement with certain facts and gathering knowledge of certain biblical acts, but a living faith that is not separate from the work of a changed life and way of thinking. (more)

"Revive Again"

Many Us believers want to see revival in their lives, churches, and cities, but many have conflicting thoughts about what revival is and what it should look like. (more)

"Peaceful Thoughts In Troubled Times"

If our thoughts are spiritually directed, turned toward Christ and filled with godly things, regardless of our troubles and the world around us, we will be able to have peaceful thoughts and a joy that can be seen by our positive attitudes, trust, thankfulness, and good works toward God, those around us, and especially toward ourselves. (more)

"Teach them To Your Children"

It is not strange to see a lost generation of children who do not want to have anything to do with God or the church among Christians, pastors or ministry workers. (more)

"Preaching the Gospel - Our Debt to Christ"

The reason believers do not preach the gospel today, and why it is not a priority to them, is because they do not take it seriously. Many consider it an option, or meant for those who have the gift of the evangelist. (more)

"The Golden Median"

However, there is one that our entire life and eternity hang upon - and that is obedience to God and His Word.  (more)

"The Choice Is Up To Us"

How many believers unknowingly live without the life and blessing of God because they depend upon their emotions? (more)

"But if He Doesn't"

The problem of modern Christianity is that Christians compromise in their relationship with God.  Many believers use God's grace as an excuse to compromise, and not as a resource that leads man to conversion, consecration, and righteousness... (more)

"A Church Outside Walls"

The mission of the church [people who follow Christ] above all is the "product" of disciples and studying of Christ's teachings... (more)

"Falling Down We Go Forward"

If we claim to be people who do not make mistakes, our life will become hypocritical, a lie, and a failure. People who make mistakes and view it as a part of life are living, successful people... (more)

"How We Empower Our Church"

The moment we became Christians the Holy Spirit filled our body and now lives in us, which means that we are no longer possessors of our own body... (more)

"Stir Up the Gift of God"

Although these gifts are "free" and given by God for the building up of the church, ought not to take them lightly and we carry a responsibility to stir them up so that they function and are effective in Christ’s body for building up the church so that God is glorified and His work extended... (more)

"Holy Trust"

Our decisions in handling our finances, lifestyle, organizing our time, and raising our children reveal to us in whom we trust. Trust is that which counsels us in what we do and where we go... (more)

"Faith - Assurance and Evidence"

Without faith in God our lives become focused on the things of this world that can lead us to making wrong decisions that in the natural can be good, but in the supernatural are disastrous to our life and ministry... (more)

"Tribulation - our opportunity?"

Not every trouble comes directly from the Lord. Some troubles come because of wrong choices or spiritual failure; I believe that God is always with us in every difficulty with the desire to be glorified through us by His strength... (more)

"Have We Forgotten the Holy Spirit?"

It is as if churches, believers, and their leaders, who are without the Holy Spirit, are more and more lost and ineffective in these times of crisis that mark these last days. Many do not have an answer to these crises, whether spiritually or materially. Crisis is evident in families, relationships and in the area of evangelism... (more)

"The Wrath of God"

The gospel is so diluted and grace is so abused that people are not aware of the reality of God’s wrath against sin. The result is a dangerous dissipation evident in the world and in believers that neglectfully flows toward the destruction of their lives... (more)

"Abiding in Christ"

God the Father did not mean for His church to be preoccupied with fulfilling religious activities. The church is not a passive, like-minded organization made up of good people who are accepted by the world... (more)

"Escape To The Depths Of God"

Regardless of whether or not we are involved in our churches, serving in various ministries, or successful in our careers, it does not necessarily mean that we are in God’s will and that we have His favor... (more)

"Boils of self-righteousness"

One of the greatest enemies of our soul is our self-righteousness... (more)

"Fight the Good Fight"

Faith in Jesus Christ, or Christianity, is not a religion that is a passive hope living in expectation that God will bring change without active involvement of believers... (more)

"Who Will Enter The Kingdom of Heaven"

Entrance into God’s kingdom is possible only by faith and obedience to the only living God - Jesus Christ. Regardless of our confession of faith, church attendance, or intellectual knowledge of God, only those who are obedient to God and fulfill his Word and will shall enter into His kingdom... (more)

"Husbands, Wives, and Children"

Society today lies exposed to the aggressive feministic movement and attitudes that try to distort the role of women, that is to equate the role of women with that of men giving them equal privileges and in doing so denying the apparent differences... (more)

"Fishers Of Men"

Time continues moving forward and drawing to end; yet believers have fallen asleep as they have busied themselves with various activities void of a goal of fishing for men.... (more)

"How To Return To The Lord With Your Whole Heart"

In Christ we will find forgiveness of sin, but we cannot live with Him and willfully sin thinking that we will be blessed and filled with joy... (more)

"Seekers of God"

When God’s people cease actively seeking God, moral and spiritual failure often follows... (more)

"Payer in the Last Days"

The weak spiritual condition of churches, and Christians in them, and their lack of influence in social-political planes is the result of the cessation of prayer... (more)

"Understanding of The Supernatural Call and Ministry"

Therefore, the supernatural with application and understanding is key to comprehending God’s call and separation.... (more)

"A Godly Family - The Missing Link"

Although many sociologists emphasize that the foundation of a healthy culture is a healthy family, today’s churches place lesser emphasis on the importance of a godly family... (more)

"One Body, Many Parts"

Lack of understanding for differences that exist among believers is a common problem today in the body of Christ. Due to this lack of understanding pastors and believers often attempt build imitations of the latest Christian fad, and so arise unhealthy churches and strained relationships... (more)

"When the Lord Persuades Us"

As the time of Christ’s second return draws closer we need to fight all the more to keep our faith and confidence in the Lord... (more)

"How To Strengthen Your Church"

It is impossible to have a mighty and effective church with believers who have divided hearts because if we are divided between Christ and the world we will not only cripple ourselves spiritually, we will, as a member of Christ’s body, cripple our local church... (more)

"The Work of the Holy Spirit"

The trap into which many believers, churches, Bible schools and denominations fall is greater emphasis on intellectual knowledge and less encouragement of the believers to experience change that the Holy Spirit brings... (more)

"The Necessity of the Hard Road"

An important part of discipleship is travelling the hard road; it is a sign of surrender and true faith. It is impossible to avoid it; we simply must travel it in order to have true fellowship with Jesus and in order to receive our reward... (more)

"Wars Of Passion"

Many of the struggles inside us and toward those around us come out of one very serious thing: our impatient lusts that war inside us; evil, selfish desires in our members that will not crucify themselves with Christ... (more)

"The Conclusion When All Has Been Heard"

There is nothing more stable in the Christian life than truth. Emotions, fellowship and life circumstances cannot be the foundation of a quality relationship and life with Christ... (more)

"Babylonian Mission"

In the absence of apostolic influence, many good pastors and believers have come to a standstill and are concentrating on saving individuals or preserving the local church. Without a vision for continual influence in the society and culture in which the church is found, we become just another good social club of like-minded people... (more)

"Let Us Go to the House of the Lord"

Attendance becomes a difficult responsibility they simply need to fulfill; church is an activity to go along with but with little or no thought for God’s word or preparation of the heart. Often their thoughts are on the fellowship time after church... (more)

"Decision Crucial for Revival"

Revival will not fill an empty church; revival will fill empty people in the church with God Himself. Revival is actually the key to spiritual renewal of the dead church, which today has bowed the knee to the god of humanism and materialism... (more)

"Blessed Is The Man Whose Sin Is Forgiven"

There are some believers who experience constant trouble. Guilt and anxiety are visible in their countenances; they are lifeless and lack the joy of the Lord which should be their strength... (more)

"Love To The End"

It is not strange why some churches do not grow - we simply do not have a heart of love for the lost or for one another. We disguise our efforts to fill attendance quotas and financial budgets - our selfish ambitions - with "working for Jesus". (more)

"Who Is Your Master"

Living in this materialistic society in which many serve the god of riches it is easy for us as believers to lose perspective of God’s kingdom on earth. (more)

"Corrupt Man"

God divides people into two categories: those who are for Christ and those who are not, those who do His will and those who do their own selfish will.. (more)

"God's Word Above All"

God’s Word is the foundation of our faith and our life. Without it we cannot understand God, hear Him, or believe in Him! God’s Word is guide for our Christian life. (more)

"But You Shall Recieve Power..."

No one can own the Holy Spirit nor is He related to any one denomination. He is promised to all those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ regardless of their denomination! (more)

"The Example Of Israel As A Warning"

Some time ago while reading the book of 1 Corinthians I believe that the Lord wanted to point out to me the sad truth of the situation of God’s people. Many Christians living in these last days, while having experienced new birth, Christ’s supernatural power and presence, freedom from sin and the power of His Word, because of their current poor spiritual condition and sin that they do not wish to relinquish they are not pleasing to God. (more)

"The Fundations of the Saint"

We may be sure that when we as believers "fight the good fight of faith", then opposition will appear. Opposition only comes to dedicated Christians who are full of love for Jesus and are willing to actively expand the Kingdom of God. To undedicated Christians opposition does not come because it is not necessary... (more)

"Crime & Punishment"

The prophet Hosea, under the King Jeroboam II, speaks to the northern kingdom of Israel. The kingdom grew materially but decayed spiritually. The people of God became greedy and formed relationships with the Canaanites who lived around them, accepting their immoral behavior and idolatry... (more)

"It's Enough"

How many times have we said to our Lord, friends or to ourselves: "It is enough! I do not want to nor will I do anything more for the Lord. It is simply not worth it. I cannot fight anymore against the sin that pursues me and the troubles I bear!"... (more)

"The Churches of Macedonia"

I would like to share about the historical example of giving when the Macedonian churches in Philippi, Thessalonica and Berea collected special financial support for the needs of the church in Jerusalem. Actually, the Apostle Paul talks about these churches to the Corinthians wishing them to become as Macedonian churches to which, as he says... (more)

"The Lord's Renegade"

One of the worst visible sins God’s people commit today is the sin of neglecting the Lord. In this manner many churches and denominations became cold or completely die because they have stopped actively seeking God... (more)

"Exercising Godlinesss"

It is interesting to see how church undergoes pressure from the world’s emphasis on physical activity, nutrition and health yet less and less on godliness. It is sad to see how so many fall into these traps and attribute more value to something that profits little while neglecting or hardly mentioning godly exercise for which the apostle Paul, when encouraging young Timothy, says, "Godliness is profitable"... (more)

"True Awareness"

Have you ever asked yourself how we can profess to know Jesus for sure?At times this simple question confuses us so that we finditdifficultto answercorrectly. The reason for this is that we do not know Him well enough... (more)

"The Same Diligence"

At this time I would like to primarily speak to the believers who are older in the Lord and to all new believers who have recently started their race of life and have decided to walk along with Jesus. The writer of this pastoral letter probably was writing to the second generation... (more)

"The Life of the Believers Filled by the Holy Spirit"

Today among believers there are many assumptions about what the life of a person or church filledwiththeHolySpiritshouldlook like. There have been many books written about the Holy Spirit and He is the subject of many Pentecostal-Charismatic churches that point out His manifestations... (more)

"Noble Believers"

According to Apostle Paul, noble believers are believers who receive the word with readiness; with an open mind and who have a child-like reliance on Lord and their leaders whom He has put in their lives to help them grow as true disciples... (more)

"Calloused Believers"

Having read this passage recently, I felt God wanted to show me the situation of the church today in Croatia and around the world; the condition of believers whose hearts become hard as they have turned away from God and are living in sin... (more)

"The Best Part"

The story about Mary and Martha is a typical example of the polarization we often see among believers. There is no doubt that both have accepted Jesus as their Savior. However some, due to lack of quality relationship with God, lose real life as out of some level of condemnation or seeking personal gain, they work for Jesus choosing the worst part of Christianity... (more)

"Where are The Disciples?"

Jesus’ last words were: "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations". Unfortunately, the church of today has completely given up this challenge and does not make disciples. If she does, the goal is only to have new members, not disciples; wishing to be nice and politically correct by carrying on with ecumenical meetings rather than evangelical ones... (more)

"The Cold Church"

These words of Jesus Christ have echoed for over 2000 years however it seems that the church of Jesus Christ doesn’t hear His message. Many times I have heard Christians say that they expect a special personal revelation or one for their church, a revelation that would "revive them" and give new guidelines and consequently more efficiencyintheirprivate or church life... (more)

"Godlines - Promise of Life"

The apostle Paul, as a spiritual mentor, wrote these words to the young pastor Timothy in 64 AD. Apparently Paul wrote from Rome shortly before his execution. He encouraged Timothy against constant pressure, conflicts,and challenges presented by the church and surrounding gentile culture... (more)

"By My Spirit"

When reading Zechariah’s vision I believe God showed me some principles that I would like to pass on to you. Although the message was given to Zerubbabel, we may apply it to ourselves, as well, as the apostle Paul said:"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitablefordoctrine,forreproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness"... (more)


A preacher once said, "Christianity is not a dream but a battle". Unfortunately, many do not understand or believe that we are literally engaged in a battle against darkness, so they try to live without God’s strength, which is simply impossible... (more)

"The Power of Vision"

God always calls people to fulfillHisPlan. Today we live in a world of confusion, with many people not knowing who they are and where they are going. To my greatest sorrow, I see the church and God’s workers in a spiritual vacuum because of their lack of proper vision... (more)

"Have Salt in Yourselves"

Mark a few weeks ago, I believe God revealed to me some crucial foundational principles in developing an effective personal Christian life and a Church which desires to enlarge the Kingdom of God in its own city or country... (more)

"Spiritual Renewal in the God - Kind of Way"

Many times our spirits become poisoned by new and diverse philosophies or doctrines so that when we come to the desert times of our life we chase after various ideas and directions in which we suppose spiritual renewal and refreshment will be found rather than turning to God’s Word for the spiritual strength we need... (more)

"Boils of Self-righteousness"

In my pastoral ministry, in counseling I have found it the most difficult to work with a self- righteous person because however much he or she may seem open and desiring to serve God or hear your counsel, because of their self- righteousness they bring upon themselves fatal consequences. I will only mention a few of them... (more)