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"Bez Kompromisa" is a Contemporary Christian Music Band whose desire and vision is to see people drawn to a living God. Worship is a place where man can draw near, which is why every Sunday members of the band lead the church in praise and worship mainly with songs written by members of our congregation, but also with songs written by modern Christian musicians. In the spring of 2006, Bez Kompromisa recorded its debut live album (CD/DVD) titled "Ustani Gospode" (Arise, O Lord), with the goal of motivating the realization of original Croatian Christian music. In May of 2009 the band recorded its sophomore live project (CD) "Pred Sveting Kraljem" (Before the Holy King). While it contains original music written by band members, it widens the foundation of rock-gospel music expression to reggae and ska-punk.

Band "Bez Kompromisa" is known for its musical talent given by Him and for Him.  Each member of the band carries a powerful testimony of a redeemed and changed life.  The gospel of Jesus Christ, at the core of the band, is the main motivator for us to share our personal "story" during our concerts and to continually write new and fresh songs.




Bez Kompromisa - Mission

  • Through singing, praise and worship we will lead believers of Jesus  Christ into God’s presence and to draw unbelievers to Him.


Bez Kompromisa - Vision

  • Through praise and worship we will lead believers of our congregation into God’s presence
  • At various festivals and concerts we will testify through music of God’s work manifested in our lives
  • To write authentic songs which God gives us through our relationship with Him and to share them in various ways (concerts, church worship services, and recordings)


Bez Kompromisa - Short-term goals

  • To connect with the church goals throughout the year wherever there is a need (leading worship for special meetings, seminars, baptisms, and leading worship for various festivals or evangelistic meetings)
  • To send one band member each semester to private music instruction


Bez Kompromisa - Long-term goals

  • To have a choir to support the  worship team in our church worship services, evangelistic concerts, and recordings.
  • To have an orchestra
  • To record  a new CD/DVD within three years


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Bez Kompromisa - Pred svetim kraljem (iTunes)


Performer: Bez Kompromisa


The album "Pred Svetim Kraljem" is comprised of 11 original songs that carry forth the vision of the band to write indigenous, modern, and relevant worship music to God in our own country.  The album was recorded live at the K.D. Vatroslav Lisinski auditorium in June of 2009 and was finally published nearly two years later.  It is a high-quality production and the culmination of several months of work on the behalf of many members of the band, collaborators and friends.



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Bez Kompromisa - Ustani Gospode (DVD & CD)


Performer: Bez Kompromisa


"Ustani Gospode" is a project designed especially to emphasize the value of Croatian culture and its indigenous music.  With this album we hope to motivate Croatian believers to open their hearts and use the talents Lord has given them so He can be praised in the unique and relevant way that best fits the mentality of the Croatian culture. This live album demonstrates that God inspires Croatian believers who choose to not to doubt that Croatians, too, have something to offer.

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Songbook - Bez Kompromisa: Ustani Gospode


Performer: Bez Kompromisa


Bez Kompromisa’s "Ustani Gospode" companion songbook is on sale.  The songbook features each song with notes, chord charts, and transparency masters.  Shipping costs are not included in the price.



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