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Tomislav Pejakovic was born in 1979.  He is a cabinetmaker and does interior design through his own company Dijana Interiors.  He has been attending CCE since 2004 and served in the maintenance and usher ministries. In December 2012 Tomislav began leading the Mercy Ministry, which oversees our food bank. Tomislav is married to Dijana with whom he has two children: Luka and Emanuel.

BONNIE DUČIĆ - Director of band Bez Kompromisa and Children's Church Leader

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Bonnie completed her studies in theology at Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX where in 1998 she travelled and sang with Living Praise.  From 2002 Bonnie has been serving at Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja as the director of the band Bez Kompromisa. She has successfully directed the recording of two live Cds: Ustani Gospode and Pred Svetim Kraljem. She is married to Pastor Mario and the mother of four children.

ANA PREBEG - Library and book sales

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Ana Prebeg has her degree in journalism. She has worked as a journalist for the weekly Fokus publiscation, as an administrator for CCE, and in publishing and marketing for Scripture Union.  At CCE she leads the publishing ministry and has translated five books (Bruises of Satan, On the Highways and Byways, The Core, The Jesus Letters, and Experience Revival).  She has also proof-read and edited a number of other books and publications.  Additionally, she has created and written much of the CCE website. Since January 2013 she has led the library and book sales ministry.


IVANA RUKAVINA - Children's Church Coordinator

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Ivana was born and raised in Zagreb. She is an economist and runs a family business she inherited. She has been a member of CCE since 2003. Ivana is a member of worship team, financial board and the coordinator of children’s ministry. She is married to Ivana Rukavina and they have one son Daniel.



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Mirela, by occupation, is a chemical technician and worked for Microsoft as a specialist in Microsoft products and licensing. g.  Mirela actively serves at Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja as the clerk and leads the Mercy Ministry, a ministry she has been involved with since the beginning.

TOMISLAV KRUŠEC - Audio technician and recording  

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Tomislav is an information engineer and works for FINA.  Tomislav has been serving at Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja since 2003 as the technical administrator and support for the office.  For several years he maintained the church website and since 2004 he has served as the technical and tone technician for the band Bez Kompromisa.  Tomislav directs the multimedia ministry.

MIRJANA SAMBOL - Leader of the Hospitality Ministry

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Mirjana was born in 1965 in Bjelovar where she completed high school.  In 1985 she met Christ and three years later moved to Zagreb where she joined CCE, which was at that time still in formation.  She has been married to Davor since 1994 and together they have two children: Matej and Luka.  At CCE Mirjana has served in children’s church and currently leads the hospitality ministry.  She is employed at the Student Center in Zagreb as a registry officer.

DAJANA ŠEHIĆ - Coordinator for the Prayer and Fasting Chain

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Dajana Šehić works as a hotel tourist-technician Technician and is employed at the Ulix Travel Agency d.o.o.  She is the mother of a little girl.  At CCE she is the coordinator for the prayer and fasting chain and works with the children.

MARINA HRIBERSKI - Janitorial Ministry

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Marina was born in 1968 in Zagreb where she grew up and completed The School of Applied Design in the area of arrangement. She works as an arranger and decorating for Iris Fashion.  She is a member of Crkve cjelovitog evanđelja since 2010 and leaders the janitorial ministry.  She is the mother of 19 year-old Nika and in 2012 married Renato Hriberski.

MATEJ SAMBOL - Leader of Street Evangelism

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Matej Sambol completed Tourism and Catering school in Zagreb majoring as a confectioner.  He has attended Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja from childhood and became a member after his water baptism several years ago. He serves in the usher ministry and as the leader of street evangelism.

RENATO HRIBERSKI - Sound technician

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Renato was born in Zagreb in 1968. He works as an interior designer.  He also has many years of experience as a sound technician and has worked with some well-known Croatian musicians. He has attended Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja since 2010 and serves as the sound technician.


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Nikola was born in Zagreb in 1950. After completing highschool he studied the sciences of traffic and transport.  Nikola worked as a security officer in Zagreb customs and later on as a warehouse foreman. He is now retired, lives with his wife Višnja and has two sons and two grandsons.



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